Everyday is Veterans Day at ACE!
Dear Friends,

Please join us in honoring America’s Veterans. Not just on November 11th or on Memorial Day - but each and every day!
Brave men and women have been putting their lives on the line for this Great Nation for over 230 years now. But rarely in
our history have Veterans been confronted with such monumental difficulties as they face today. Our all-volunteer military
is totally overwhelmed, fighting two very long wars. Injuries are many and they are frequently catastrophic. Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder is epidemic. So many returning Veterans are not receiving the help they and their families so desperately
need and deserve. And, when the Veteran’s Administration is as over-burdened as it is today, Veterans of all ages suffer!
It is a disgrace that so many Veterans - young and not so young - are not receiving the care and respect this nation owes
them. This is not a political issue. It is a moral and ethical issue. Regardless of one’s politics, we can all agree that not
enough is being done. So everyday at Ace In The Hole we will continue to have our 50/50 drawing to raise money to help
the homeless and disabled Veterians in our area.

Tommy & Tina